Feenix Logos

All our logos are free to download and utilise for non-commercial purposes. Where use is posted online, Feenix should be included within the post e.g. including the Feenix twitter account (@FeenixGG) within a photo posted onto twitter. Commercial and all offical marketing use should be prior approved by Feenix, and can be obtained by emailing 'alastair@feenix.gg'.

Bordered Title

Bordered Mascot

Non-Bordered Title

Non-Bordered Mascot

Feenix Colours

These are our official Feenix colours, in use with our logos. These should not be altered within the logo where used by marketing materials. If you are a designer just testing out headers and whatnot, go nuts, it'll be our secret... If you would like to suggest a name for our colours, we'd love to hear them!

Feenix Gold

CMYK - 0,30,76,2
RGB - 251,176,59

Feenix Orange

HEX - #EE8D26
CMYK - 0,41,84,7
RGB - 238,141,38

Feenix Red

HEX - #AB2C23
CMYK - 0,74,80,33
RGB - 171,44,35

Feenix Black-ish

HEX - #1B0D0C
CMYK - 0,52,56,89
RGB - 27,13,12


Stylise as "Feenix" or "Feenix Esports"
Use the bordered logos where possible
Use Feenix Colours
Use logos with crisp lines
Use the Title logo where mentioning Feenix


Skew, stretch or alter any logo
Incorrectly spell or capitalise "Feenix" or "Feenix Esports"
Use Assets for unauthorised commercial purposes